Count Cards

If you are the sort of player that always tries to find the advantage by formulating a strategy, then you are likely to want to learn some card counting techniques. Card counting in blackjack gives the player an edge over the casino. There are assumptions that card counting requires some sort of a psychic or fore seer, and that card counting is illegal. Many of these assumptions are false. There are numerous strategies to use when counting cards, though here we shall focus on the popular Hi-lo strategy.

Understand how it works:
If the high to low card ratio is higher than normal, the player can bet bigger and increase the amount of winnings when the deck is favorable.

Learn the values:
In order to know whether the deck is in your favor or not, you need to track the ratio by assigning a value to each card.

Learn to bet accordingly:
When the count is moving towards a positive direction, it’s time to increase your bets. The higher the count, the more you should bet.

Test yourself:
Your goal should be to get through the deck in under 25 seconds.

Take in pairs:
A jack and a 4 is -1 and +1 which is equal to 0.If you see a low and a high card, they should cancel each other out.
A good card counter will assign positive, negative or zero values to calculate the value of the card. Mastering this methodology will make it easier to work towards a good win.